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Book 12: The Month of the Burglar
Book 12: The Month of the Burglar

The Month of the BurglarWhen I was trying to come up with a catchy tag-line for the Month of the Burglar, I wanted something clever, quirky, and fun... like the Burglar. I came up empty. Disappointing candidates include:

"In Book 12, The Month the Burglar goes to 11!"

"If you like the Burglar, then you're gonna love... The Month of the Burglar!"

"The Month of the Burglar: It might surprise you... and stab you in the back?"

See? Not so hot.

Thankfully, I can leave the creation of pithy slogans to our fully operational Marketing station ["Burglars do it in groups", "Stealth: It's what's for dinner", "It's not the skills, baby, it's the burglar who uses them, knowhatimsayin?" - Marketing Intern] and skip ahead to telling you about the actual changes.

Getting Started

Adding more to a class which already has so much versatility and depth hasn't been easy. The challenge has been to enhance a very solid base in ways that will be fun and interesting, while not shifting or bloating its capabilities beyond where they ought to be.

Ultimately, we decided to add a little something to everything. That means new skills and items that enhance or play on the Burglar's established class abilities. Most of the new skills will be awarded in levels 40-50, but a few will go out earlier in a Burglar's lifetime. The end result: A mix of fun skills and items that the shrewd Burglar can apply in the right situations to good (and sometimes humorous) effect.

So without further ado, here's the skinny on what's new for the sneakiest class in Middle-earth.


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