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Главная » 2007 » Август » 2 » Новые рецепты и много другое
Новые рецепты и много другое
Изменения в буке10, сорри, что не перевожу, нет времени совсем.
Deed requirements have been lowered for completing deeds. Pretty healthy reductions.

Crafted goods had their stats changed and the crafted source items look different -- leathers being quite noticable.

Many requirements have been lowered -- Beryls dropped from 3 per polished to 2 type changes. Tailored cloaks... some haven't changed, some are radically different in appearance and look REALLY nice and unique, I'll try and get an assortment up in the AH to "demo" the looks on them for folks -- with like 10g buyouts so they stay put for "shift-click" inspection by folks to see the various cloak looks. (don't expect this "NOW!" style -- it'll take me a bit to collect all the materials to post them). I'll also try out a few dyes on the various patterns and see if I can report back how the dyes change the appearance (gotta look sharp you know!).

Jewelers can now make EARINGS and BRACELETS! You'll get a couple recipes for free and the vendors for the craft have a few others (4 recipes on the expert for beryl versions of earings and bracelets). I put a legendary quality crit bracelet up in the AH along with an assortment of non-crit -- high 40's earings and bracelets up. Finding the recipes... we'll see but the crit items I can make are pretty respectable -- though still not quite up to "end-game" drop quality, they are really nice and will find a good market.

Crafting tools have gotten a rework -- durablity has been lowered but the toughness has been raised from brittle to normal -- farming tools didn't really change so still normal there :-p

Crit successes on tools makes the durability go up from 45 to 60 so they not only give improved performance (crits or speed at harvesting) but also last a 33% longer while havesting.

It appears that morale has been increased pretty much across the board on crafted and non-crafted items. You'll find a lot of gear with 90 morale on it now. Also the DPS on many weapons has gone up so you'll hit harder with the weapons.

Now toggles (at least my Find the Path) stay on while on your mount. Yay! And now giants, earth-kin, and dragon-kind are trackable. Who says that the devs don't listen? Speaking of tracking, the tracking interface has seen a massive improvement (see, I don't hate the UI devs ). Now you can sort by monster type or by proximity (which is shown as "Very Close", "Close", "Far", etc...). Very nifty.
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