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Главная » 2007 » Август » 2 » Описание изменений у хантеров и кэпов + миллион деталей
Описание изменений у хантеров и кэпов + миллион деталей
Тестовый сервер обновили до Book 10. Первые впечатления:

Новая абилка хантеров: Heart-Seeker 106%+1160 damage. 5 second induction. 5 minute cooldown.
+ у хантеров много других изменений

ПвМП: 1.MP Kinships- I didn't make one but there are 4 Themes, So let the massive Recruiting Sign-Ups begin
2.MP Surnames Now you can have a surname and do the Adopt stuff etc.
3.Trolls are Badass for lack of a better term, 2 trolls killed the 2 Avengers with the CG at Lug and got the CG down by 30k before we died. Thats impressive, my Troll took 8 Sigs with 20k life left, And we completly destroy freeps with 2k crits on AoE.


Arohir in Esteldin starts the Warden of Annuminas quests. He refers you to Cannuion in Tinnundir who controls the initial quests. The quests are rated at level 42. Completion of each quest leads to "Increased standing with the Wardens of Annuminas"
The first quest from Cannuion was to collect 10 sashes of allegiance from Tomb Robbers. The next quest was the same identical thing. So, if this trend continues, it looks like what you will be doing is farming the Tomb Robber deed but with a little extra incentive included.
The Men of Bree faction quests are very similar but with a different drop from located in Haudh Iarchith west of Ost Gorthad in the Southern Barrow-downs. Tad Leafcutter is at the Bree Hunting Lodge in Bree-town is the initial quest bestower for the Men of Bree faction.
All the quests I completed earned 700 rep pts and 19sp 60cp for rewards.
A faction in Imladris called Elves of Rivendell starts with Imyl in the Last Homely House. He has you bring him signets of Rhudaur off of a tribe of evil men named Corcur.
Reaching a certain standing with him grants you access to a private side-valley, called Imlad Gelair, south of the Falls.

Scholars have Artifact tracking

Summon horns 8silver cost and the summonee has to carry 5 traveling rations
Standards of ___ optional replaces heralds, places a banner on the battlefield has various effects similiar to herald

New Abils
Sheild Brother - Marks a target in fellowship to apply some of your abils
Strength of Will - Shield Brother = +5% more healing towards morale
Inspire - weapon damage+Shield Brother Morale boost
To Arms - Shield Brother = +25% damage
Blade of Elendil - Weapon damage+21, Applies a buff to fellowship and chance of invoking the light of Elendil
Grave Wound - Weapon damage+21 with threat aggro
Kick - 45-50 common damage
Time of Need - Sacrifice Morale for the Captain to go into Battle ready stance
Withdraw - Threat deaggro, -30% damage for 30secs

Also, for anyone who will still use their Herald, there are female armaments that you can equip, and will change your Herald into a woman. These are Shield-Maiden, Maid-at-Arms, and Swordswoman. IMO, Shield-Maiden trumps all five other armaments

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/enzd/MaidatarmsWar.jpg (800x600, 44,0Kb)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/enzd/SwordswomanHope.jpg (800x600, 41,1Kb)
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/enzd/ShieldmaidenVictory.jpg (800x600, 41,4Kb)

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